The representative of the Transitional Council's foreign affairs in Russia meets with the head of the Middle East Studies Center

 The representative of the General Department of Foreign Affairs of the Southern Transitional Council to the Russian Federation, Dr. Mohammad Al-Afifi, met on Sunday, in the capital, Moscow, with Ms. Irina Donovna, Head of the Middle East Studies Center at the National Center for Studies (Primakov Center).
 The meeting discussed the importance of cooperation in the areas of research and contributing to providing the necessary information and providing valuable studies that help in decision-making by providing advice, proposing alternatives, deep reading, free discussion, creative thinking, and finding unified visions about many challenges.
 During the meeting, Al-Afifi stressed the importance of cooperation and communication in order to benefit from the expertise and experiences of experts in these centers, thus enhancing political feasibility and developing the level of performance.
 Al-Afifi also briefed the center team on the vision and goals of the Southern Transitional Council seeking to achieve the aspirations of our southern people to establish an independent, sovereign, federal southern state, and contribute to strengthening regional and international peace and security.